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The 'Smart' Move for Owner-Operators in 2024 to 10x 

Did you know that many of the most successful trucking companies have harnessed the power of factoring to catapult their growth? It's not just a hack; it's a proven strategy to 10x your business and leave your competition in the dust.

The Power of Factoring

Factoring has been a lifeline for owner-operators for many years, providing them with the means to access immediate cash for their services. Normally, the process involves dealing with contracts, complex paperwork, terrible customer service, and hidden fees. BulkLoads Factoring solves each of those problems.

BulkLoads Factoring Distinct Advantage

Most factoring companies have a tough time factoring bulk commodities simply because they don't know anything about the industry. We specialize in factoring bulk commodities, and although we factor any freight, bulk is our specialty. 

We are a NO CONTRACT factoring company. This means to use us as you need us, if you need to factor for 3 months until your company has a steady cash flow, with no issues. You can walk away at any time.

1. Haul a load

2. Scan in your load tickets through the BulkLoads app

3. Get paid within 24 hours

From a BulkLoads Factoring Client:

"Very happy with them and would highly recommend them. They've been super accommodating and easy to work with. Money is in my account the same or next day. Jen is awesome to deal with."

- Bill S

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