Smart Freight Funding

The #1 Factoring Company for the Bulk Trucking Industry.

We're not just Bulk, we Factor ALL TRAILER TYPES and ANY FREIGHT!


Specializing in Factoring for the Bulk Trucking Industry, we will buy your freight bills and pay you next day!

We understand the day-to-day challenges a small to medium sized trucking company faces and cash flow should not be one of them. That's why we are here to help. We don't have any contracts or hidden fees. Our service is easy. We buy your freight bills and turn them into cash for you.

Rates as low as 3%!

Depending on how much you are financing and for how long. Rates from 3-5%.

We pay NEXT DAY!

Send us your invoices by 11AM CST and we will pay you the next business day!

No extra Fees!

No ACH Fees and we Invoice for FREE!

Watch how Jeff Salley & Tary Prewitt use Smart Freight Funding.

Our Customers Love Us!

"I'll say this.. and this is from EXPERIENCE.. I can't fathom anybody being better than SMART FREIGHT FUNDING.. I personally use them, and have used them for months... I've not had one single HICCUP with them.. They process really quick.. and your money is in your account the next day.. I deliver my load.. scan all of my paperwork in to them using an app on my smartphone (called DRVE AXLE) by 11 am.. and they send me a confirmation email stating what my direct deposit amount will be and boom!! that's it... I pay them a 5% fee and mail in the originals (within 7 days) and that's it. My money is deposited into my account shortly after midnight.. EVERY SINGLE TIME."

Shedrick F.

"Smart Freight Funding has helped me so much and taken a huge headache off my lap. I always had to worry about getting paid and whether I'd have enough cash to make it week to week. Now I don't have that stress and can focus more on trucking."

Mike L.

Smart Freight has tremendously helped me manage my cash flow. The girls in the office are great to work with and has made my life a lot easier."

Brian C.

"Very happy with them and would highly recommend them. They've been super ammodating and easy to work with. Money is in my account the same or next day. Jen is awesome to deal with."

Bill S.

"I've used them. Good people they do exactly what they say."

Shane R.

"But I've actually talked to quite a few people in the main office at SMART FREIGHT FUNDING and just their attitude is what makes me happy to deal with them, I tell everybody I know about them..... I'm sick of rude people.. and after you deal with the ladies over at SMART FREIGHT, you'll realize that there still are some good people in this world... I fell they care.. I'm making money... they're making money... we're both happy!!! "

Shedrick F.

More About Us

  • Our team has more than 50 years of driving, dispatching, contracting, and accounting experience in the trucking industry.
  • We pay next day.
  • We will handle all of your invoicing for FREE.
  • No need to overnight tickets.
  • No ACH fees.
  • Courteous and helpful staff that understands the issues facing the trucking industry today.
  • We provide many different rates based on cash flow needs.

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